Programme of the European Journalism Symposium (1st edition)

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Being a journalist in Europe today

Co-organized by Journalisme et Citoyenneté and IHECS

Under de Honorary Presidency of Jean-Marie CAVADA, President of the Institute for Digital Fundamental Rights (IFDRights)

23-25 november 2022

IHECS, Brussels

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Here is the programme as of November 16th, 2022.

Due to the large number of participants to date, registrations are now closed for the evenings of November 23 and 24 at Espace MAGH. We remind you that admission to these evenings will be subject to availability. Access to the panels and workshops at IHECS remains open and free for all. 

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WEDNESDAY 23 NOVEMBER 2022 (registration closed)

Official opening in the presence of Mr. Pierre-Yves JEHOLET, Minister-President of the Government of the Federation Wallonia-Brussels with a cocktail sponsored by Prix Albert Londres & the Scam.

6:00 pm (Espace MAGH) : Inauguration of the Albert Lontdres exhibition. Londres (1884-1932) was one of the founder of investigative journalism. With Mr. Hervé BRUSINI, President of the Albert Londres Committee.

8:00 pm (Espace MAGH) : Theater play « Reporters de guerre » ( « War Reporters » in French and English) directed by Mr. Sébastien Foucault (screenplay by Mrs. Julie Remacle with Mrs. Françoise Wallemacq, Mrs. Vedrana Božinović and Mr. Michel Villée).


Welcome of the participants from 8:15 am.

OPENING SPEECHES (Auditorium BV1, IHECS – 9:00 – 9:30 am) in English & French – live streaming


  • IS THERE A EUROPEAN MODEL FOR JOURNALISM ? (Auditorium BV1, IHECS – 9:30am – 10:45 am) in English & French – live streaming

With Mr. Konrad BLEYER-SIMON (Germany) Associate researcher at the Center for Media Pluralism & Media Freedom (CMPF); Dr. Richard FLETCHER (United Kingdom), Director of Research of the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism; Mr. Marco NASSIVERA (France), editor-in-chief of ARTE; Mrs. Teresa KÜCHLER (Sweden), journalist and Vice-President of the International Press Association (IPA).  Moderated by Mr. Nordine NABILI, head of the Press-Info Section at IHECS.

  • WHAT PROJECTS AND CHALLENGES FOR CONSTRUCTIVE JOURNALISM IN EUROPE ? (Auditorium BV1, IHECS – 11:00 am – 12:00 pm) in English & French – live streaming

With Mr. Orla BORG (Denmark), head of the Fellowship Program of Constructive Institute; Mr. Balint ABLONCZY (Hungary), political journalist and co-founder of Vá and Mr. Lorenzo DI STASI (Italie), journalist and member of the Italian network for Constructive journalism. Moderated by Mrs. Yasmine BOUDAKA (Belgium), New6s coordinator.

  • REGAINING THE PUBLICS’ TRUST : COLLABORATIVE JOURNALISM AS A GAME CHANGER. (Auditorium BV1, IHECS – 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm) lin English & French – live streaming

With Mr. Tarmu TAMMERK (Estonia), Mediator of the Estonian public service (EER);  Mr. Aitor HERNÁNDEZ-MORALES (Spain), journalist and author of the Politico Global Policy Lab and Mrs. Sofia DE PALMA RODRIGUES (Portugal), journalist at Divergente.

  • CROSS-BORDER INVESTIGATIONS IN EUROPE : how to secure information sharing and communications  (in English onlywith Journalismfund) (Auditorium BV2, IHECS – 11:15 am– 12:45 pm) 

With Mrs. Chloe EMMANOUILIDIS (Cyprus), independent journalist; Mrs. Stella LEVANTESI (Italy), journalist and climate expert and Mrs. Urszula IDZIKOWSKA (Poland), journalist and migrations expert. Moderated by Mrs. Klaudia BRONCKAERTS (Belgium) of Journalismfund  

Featured investigations : 


  • GENDER, DIVERSITY, INTERSECTIONALITY : HOW CAN NEWSROOMS REFLECT OUR SOCIETIES ? (Auditorium BV1, IHECS – 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm) in English & French – live streaming

with Mrs. Roxane BIEDERMANN (Belgium), project manager of the Media Diversity Institute (MDI); Mrs. Lina CHAWAF (France/Syria), President of Community Media Forum in Europe (CMFE); Mrs. Reetta NOUSIAINEN (Finlande), journalism teacher at the Haaga-Helia University & PhD candidate specialised on newsrooms diversity.  Moderated by Mrs. Guylaine GERMAIN (Belgique), coordinatrice Gender & Diversity coordinator for the Association of Professional Journalists (AJP).

  • INFORMATION, PROPAGANDA, FAKE NEWS: how can ethics and press councils make a difference to better inform citizens? (in English onlywith PressCouncilsEU) (Auditorium BV2, IHECS – 2:00pm -3:30 pm) 

with Mr. Pierre GANZ (France), secretary general of the French  Journalism Ethics and Mediation Council (CDJM, Conseil de déontologie journalistique et de médiation), Mr. Jaume SUAU MARTINEZ (Spain), academic coordinator at the Blanquerna School of Communication and International Relations in Barcelona. 

Moderated by Mrs. Anna VIDAL (Belgium), legal assistant and project officer for the AADJ/ Journalism Ethics Council  

  • JOURNALISM IN EUROPE AND THE CLIMATE EMERGENCY : TIME TO DECIDE (Auditorium BV1, IHECS – 3:45 pm– 5:00 pm) in English & French – live streaming

with Mrs. Milou DIRKX (the Netherlands), in charge of the Journalism Network for the Clean Energy Wire (CLEW) ; Mr.Lorenz MATZAT (Germany), co-founder of  the German and Swiss networks of journalists for climate protection; Mrs. Lisa URLBAUER  (Germany), in charge of journalism training for the Bonn Institute. Moderated by Mr. Marc SINNAEVE, IHECS professor of economical, ecological and social information.

with Mrs. Véronique AUGER (France), journalist and president of the French section of the Association of European Journalists; Mr. György FOLK (Hungary) correspondent for HVG Eurologus ; Mr. Alexander DAMIANO RICCI (Italy), journalist and contributor for Bulle Média, VoxEurop et European Data Journalism Network; Mr. Eric BONSE (Germany), correspondent for Tageszeitung & Lost in Europe; Mrs. Katerina SAFARIKOVA (Czech Republic), correspondent in Brussels for Czech media outlets. Moderated by Gian-Paolo ACCARDO (Italy/the Netherlands), co-founder of VoxEurop 

  • THE MEDIA & THE GAFAM : WHAT FAIR COMPENSATION FOR AUTHORS AND THE MEDIA?  (Auditorium BV1, IHECS – 5:00 pm– 6:15 pm) in English & French – live streaming

with Mr. Jean-Marie CAVADA (France), Honorary President of the first European Journalism Symposium, President of IFDRights and co-founder and president of the French collective management body on authors’ neighboring rights (DV Presse); Mr. Frédéric YOUNG (Belgium), SCAM and SACD Executive officer in Belgium ; Mrs. Valentina WIESNER (Croatia), journalist and member of the experts groups on authors’ rights at the EFJ. Moderated by Mr. Philippe LALOUX, journalist at LeSoir and IHECS visiting professor of « journalism digital environment ».

  • JOURNALISM TRAINING : ARE SCHOOLS OVERDOING IT? (in French only– Auditorium BV2, IHECS – 5:00 pm– 6:15 pm).

A discussion with Mrs. Amandine DEGAND (Belgium), IHECS lecturer and Mrs. Laure COLMANT (France), journalist and teacher at theTours Public Journalism School (EPJT). Moderated by Mr. Eric NAHON, deputy director at IPJ Dauphine | PSL, in charge of vocational integration & President of the European Journalism Training Association (EJTA).


(Espace MAGH). Hosted by Mr. Grégoire DENIAU (France), head of  TV5 MONDE newsroom.

Projection of the #OntheFrontlineofTruth exhibition from 6:30 pm.

8:00 pm – 9:30 pm : PART 1 – Telling the war : journalists from Ukraine and Belgium share their experience

Opening remarks by Mr. Christophe DELOIRE (France), Secretary and director  general at Reporters Sans Frontière (RSF).

Panel: Telling the war

with Mr. Maksym BILETSKYI (Ukraine), fixer ; Mrs. Aurélie DIDIER (Belgium), journalist for RTBF ; Mr. Wilson FACHE (Belgium), journalist and Ukraine special correspondent ; Mrs Mariana PEREBENESIUK (Ukraine), Ukraine project coordinator for Reporters Without Borders (RSF)  ; Mrs. Lidya TARAN (Ukraine), journalist et and 1+1 TV Host; 

9:45 pm – 10:30 pm : PART 2 – Premiere of the RSF Investigation into the death of photo reporter Maks Levin in Ukraine.

with Mr. Patrick CHAUVEL (France), war reporter ; Mr. Arnaud FROGER (France), head of Investigation at RSF.

Discussion with the audience in the presence of Mr. Robin GRASSI, head of RSF Studio.



  • THE CHALLENGES FOR PUBLIC SERVICE INFORMATION IN EUROPE (Auditorium BV1, IHECS – 09:00 am – 10:15 am) in English & French – live streaming

with Mrs. Helena MILINKOVIĆ (Slovenia), journalist at RTV Slovenija; Mr. Jean-Pierre JACQMIN (Belgium), news director of RTBF; Mrs. Lucie SÝKOROVÁ (Czech Republic) freelance journalist and chair of European Center for Media Freedom (ECMF) supervisory board. Moderated by Mrs Marie-Laure AUGRY, Vice-Presidente of Journalisme & Citoyenneté


with Mrs. Audrey ADAM (Belgium), lawyer and media law guest lecturer ; Mrs. Maria ARENA (Belgium), Chair of the European Parliament’s Subcommittee on Human Rights ; IZEL (Turkey), cartoonist and writer ; KAK (France), cartoonist and President of Cartooning for Peace. Moderated by Mr. Ricardo GUTIERREZ (Belgium), secretary general of of the European Federation for Journalists (EFJ). 

  • LEGISLATING THE EUROPEAN MEDIA SPACE : THE EU AMBITION – (Auditorium BV1, IHECS – 10:15 am – 11:00 am) – in English & French – live streaming

Keynote speeches 

    • Mr. Jean-Marie CAVADA, Honorary President of the First edition of the European Journalism Symposium and President of the Institute for Digital Fundamental Rights (IFDRights) 
    • Mrs. Věra JOUROVÁ, Vice-President of the European Commission for Values and Transparency about the ambition of the Media Freedom Act and the recent EU media and information related legislations.
  • THE MEDIA FREEDOM ACT : A STEP FORWARD FOR JOURNALISM IN EUROPE ?  (Auditorium BV1, IHECS – 11:30 am– 1:00 pm) in English & French – live streaming

With Mrs. Barbora BUKOVSKÁ (Slovakia), head of the Law and Policy section at Article 19; Mrs. Liz CORBIN (United-Kingdom), Head of News at EBU; Mrs. Marie FRENAY, member of the Vice-President Věra JOUROVÁ office; Mr. Karim IBOURKI (Belgium), President of ERGA et Mrs. Maja SEVER (Croatia), president of the European Federation of Journalists (EFJ).  Moderated by Mrs. Clothilde GOUJARD, journalist at 

  • JOURNALISTS & ONLINE HARASSMENT : WHICH TOOLS? WHICH STRATEGIES ? (in French onlywith PEN America) (Auditorium BV2, IHECS – 11:30 am – 1:00 pm)

MASTERCLASS with Mrs. Elodie VIALLE (France), consultant for PEN America, with the participation of Mrs. Martine SIMONIS (Belgium), secretary general for the Association of Professional Journalists and of Mrs. Benjamine BOVY (Belgium), attorney at the Bar of Brussels. 


  • WHAT ROLE FOR JOURNALISTS IN MEDIA & INFORMATION LITERACY (MIL) ? (With IAME CSEM) (Auditorium BV1, IHECS – 2:00 pm – 3:15 pm) in English & French – live streaming

Avec Mr. Gilles MILLECAN (Belgium), « Journalism in the classroom » project officer  for the Professional journalists Association (AJP-Association for Professional Journalists); Mr. Patrick VERNIERS (Belgium), director of the High council for Media literacy (CSEM- Conseil Supérieur de l’éducation aux médias); Mrs. Juliane VON REPPERT-BISMARCK (Germany), founder of « Lie Detectors ».  Moderated by Mrs. Nicoleta FOTIADE (Romania), researcher at Mediawise Society .

  • HOW JOURNALISTS CAN PROTECT AGAINST CYBER ATTACKS? (in English only – Auditorium BV2, IHECS – 2: 00 pm – 3: 15 pm) 

MASTERCLASS with Mr. Baptiste ROBERT (France), CEO of Predicta Lab.

  • MIL PROSPECTS : TOWARDS ALGO-LITERACY WITH THE CROSSOVER PROJECT (in English onlyAuditorium BV2, IHECS – 3: 45 pm –5: 00 pm)

with Mrs. Hind FRAIHI (Belgium), journalist at Apache; Mrs. Pascale GARREAU (France), editorial director of Savoir Devenir ; Mrs. Nelly PAILLEUX (France), co-foundor of the “Check First” network. Moderated by Mrs. Divina FRAU-MEIGS (France), information and communication sciences professor at the Sorbonne Nouvelle University and Chairholder of UNESCO “savoir-devenir in sustainable digital development” 

  • IDENTIFYING THE THREATS TO JOURNALISM IN EUROPE TODAY. (Auditorium BV1, IHECS – 3:45 pm – 5: 00 pm) in English & French – live streaming

with Mr. Matthew CARUANA GALIZIA (Malta), Director of theDaphne Caruana Galizia Foundation ; Mr. Stavros MALICHUDIS (Greece), journalist for Solomon ; Mrs. Irina NEDEVA (Bulgaria), producer for the national Bulgarian radio (BNR) and representative of the Association of European Journalists (AEJ).  Moderated by Mrs. Sevgul ULUDAG (Cyprus), journalist, member of the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) 

  • MIGRATIONS : A LOOK AT THE NEWS COVERAGE FROM EU NEIGHBOURING COUNTRIES & WESTERN AFRICA (With EU Neighbours East, SahafaMED, the « New Perspective » project & the EFJ). (Auditorium BV1, IHECS – 5:00pm -6:15 pm) in English & French – live streaming

Opening of the debate by Syrian journalist Mr. Hussam HAMMOUD who delivered in the last years sensitive information on the Islamic State (IS) to international media outlets. He will reflect on the situation on Syria and on his journey to Europe. 

Debate with Mrs. Dodie KHARKHELI (Georgia), strategic advisor for On.geMr. Manar RACHWANI (Syria), journalist working in exile ; Mrs. Codou LOUM (Senegal), journalist for Oxyjeunes Fm.  Moderated by Mr. Ricardo GUTIERREZ (Belgium), secretary general of of the European Federation for Journalists (EFJ). 

  • MEDIA INDEPENDENCE IN EUROPE : what contribution of the Media Freedom Act ? (in French only – with UnBoutdesMédias) (Auditorium BV2, IHECS – 5:00 pm – 6:15 pm) 

with Mrs. Gwendoline DELBOS-CORFIELD (France), member of the European ParliamentMrs. Renate SCHRÖDER (Germany), EFJ Director; Mrs. Sabina TSAKOVA, Legal and Policy Officer for DG CONNECT (European Commission). Moderated by Mr. Benoît HUET (France), lawyer.


with Mr. Nordine NABILI, head of the Press & Information section at IHECS

– Auditorium BV1, IHECS – 6:30 pm – 7:00 pm –


This programme is still getting finalised.

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