Media and Information Producers’ Needs Assessment Study in the European South Neighbourhood

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The Journalisme & Citoyenneté NGO aims to engage in dialogue between journalists, publishers and citizens in order to promote the production of independent and quality information in the 21st century. To contribute to this goal, the NGO founded in 2007, at the initiative of its president Jérôme Bouvier, the Assises Internationales du Journalisme which are held each year in Tours, and since 2018 in Tunis for all the countries of the southern shore of the Mediterranean. The association is working to create a third meeting in Brussels in 2022, for journalists from the 27 EU countries.

During three days, les Assises propose around fifty workshops, debates and meetings centered around a theme defined collectively by an open Editorial Committee. This is how the next edition of the Assises de Tours from September 29 to October 2, 2021 will have the theme: « Climate and health emergency. Journalistic responsibilities ”.

As part of its partnership with the European Union to promote the independence of the media and freedom of expression in neighboring countries of the Mediterranean basin, the Journalisme & Citoyenneté NGO is carrying out a major study on the needs of information producers and media in the southern Neighbourhood. This partnership is funded by the European Union under the Support for independent media program serving the public interest in the Southern Neighbourhood as part of a four-year contract to open a dialogue with civil societies on its expectations. in terms of information and promote support for freedom of expression and independent media as a priority for donor action in the Mediterranean region.

The association intends, as a first step, to open the dialogue with all the actors mobilised to provide quality information in each of the countries concerned; then identify with them the concrete needs that will allow them to better accomplish their information mission and finally present these expectations to all the institutions, NGOs, or donors likely to support them.

A team of national correspondents, journalists and media experts, has been recruited to carry out this process, coordinated by Dominique Thierry, Team Leader of this program. It will result every two years in a country report accompanied by a regional study. These national studies will feed into the two updates of the Study on the Needs of Information Producers and Media in the European Neighbourhood, (initially published by the European Commission in 2019).

This needs assessment study will be submitted for validation by all the actors concerned during the Assises Internationales du Journalisme, mostly in Tunis, but also in Tours and Brussels depending on the opportunities of the calendar of activities.

Each validation step will be public, accessible online on the website The project will invite some of the most innovative information producers and the most committed actors as speakers to share their experiences and practices with actors from the region, West Africa and the European Union.


On the sidelines of the Assises, a working meeting will bring together donors and media development operators, with national correspondents. The project team will collect their reactions and proposals to ensure that support for independent journalism remains a priority for donor action and will inform the European Commission and its Delegations in the Southern Neighbourhood countries.