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About Les Assises du journalisme

Publié le 23 septembre 2016


"Les Assises du Journalisme" (Congress for Journalism) is an annual congress meant to develop and promote debates between media professionnels and citizens, around one core theme:what is a relevant information, how to produce it, how to check its veracity. Les Assises du Journalisme is, in a word, a free space for public discussion towards better journalism.

For six years, les Assises du journalisme have gathered professionals such as journalists, publishers, writers, politics, research workers, students around tables opened to the general public. During three days, they discuss contemporary issues related to press and the exercise of journalism, and question what is at stake each year.

Les Assises du journalisme try to encompass, each year, the broadest panel of issues that matter at a national as well as at an international level.

The organization of the Congress is supported by the association "Journalisme & Citoyenneté" (Journalism & Citizenship).

After Lille, Strasbourg and Poitiers and Metz, les Assises du journalisme setted up in Tours since 2016.