Notre République et sa presse graviront ensemble les sommets ou bien elles iront ensemble à leur perte. Une presse compétente, désintéressée, peut protéger cette morale collective de la vertu, sans laquelle un gouvernement populaire n’est qu’une escroquerie et une mascarade.
Joseph Pulitzer
18 décembre 2017

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A quoi sert... par Mark Schapiro


par Mark Schapiro, Directeur Editorial du Center for Investigative Reporting

Mark SchapiroOften I am asked, in courses and otherwise: "What's the impact of your story(ies?)...Do they change laws/behavior/get people thrown in jail?" My response is something like this:
Such responses are when you're lucky. Most of the time its hard to measure the precise result of a story...But, to consider the so-called "impact" of a story, just consider what it would be like, right now, not to know...whatever it is you've just learned...It has impact on your understanding of the world, on how power works, on how interests manipulate the system to their advantage....and in the long haul, that knowledge contributes to change....Certainly not having that knowledge ensures that change, that holding power accountable, will never come........One of the great tasks of journalism is to question the status quo: there is no predestiny determining that things are as they are. It is for precise reasons, the influence of precise interests/individuals/that abuses of power happen, its our job to reveal the hidden forces that contribute to such abuses...

Now, it looks like the answer to the question--the impact/purpose of journalism?--is taking shape, in numerous forms.  As people begin to imagine their world without serious journalism, one result is a great deal more attention on non-profit approaches like ours that help make this kind of work possible....And we are seeing a much greater willingness of journalistic enterprises to collaborate with one another...